Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Press day wrap-up

Press day at the fair (well, at superstudio piu anyway) was not quite what i had expected.  Yes there were members of the press, but there didnt seem to be as many as I had thought.  Even in the larger and more well known sections (Mooi, Tom Dixon, David Trubridge) the crowd seemed patchy at best.  We will see how things shape up today.

The press preview was from 3pm til 8 and for me the time was split equally between hovering around in the Hidden Heroes section answering questions and passing the time by coming up with impromptu design concepts with fellow exhibitor Nick Rawcliffe.  When the flow of people seemed slow there was an opportunity to peruse the other things on show.

Mooi was.....well.'Mooi' with a split between the designed and the arty.  The cute girls in French maids outfits seemed a little unnecessary, but who am i to argue with that.

Tom Dixons presentation with its slightly rough and ready feel was a nice change from the super-refined of other things around it.

Today i will be able to pull myself away from the clutches of Superstudio Piu and check out the other things around it.

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