Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 2.....let the real fun begin! seems that my fears about the fair being a small event this year were unfounded.  Yes, the press day was quiet and a little subdued, but the first day of public entry was a little crazy in places...especially when the alcohol starts flowing around the exhibits.

At Superstudio, i had exhausted things to see, so i ventured out around Zona Tortona.  The Presentation by Ikea had a link to Hidden Heroes (designer Anna Leckstrom from Sweden has a a piece in both locations) so i poked my nose in and was pleasantly surprised by the products.

Just down the road was a combined space for Cassina, Cappellini, Alias and others that had some beautifully detailed timber pieces as well as Adam Goodrum's Stitch Stool.

The sudden heat of the day meant that i was 'forced' to take cover in one of the many bars and cafes surrounding Porta Genove.  A local drink was selected...the Negroni...which proved to be a little stronger than expected, but it made for an enjoyable afternoon :)

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