Friday, April 17, 2009

It has begun...again...

The time has come for me to head off to Milan for only the second time in my short design career.
This time things are different...the stakes are a little higher and i am exhibiting :)

My memories of the Salone of 2007 are a little hazy, but it was a wild ride of not understanding the language and not knowing exactly what i was doing there. This time i am exhibiting with a gaggle of other international designers (who i havent met, and know little about.....) and i am attempting to blog and twitter about it without ruining the experience.

So, the good news so far is that half of my pieces are already in Milan awaiting my arrival.....the bad news is that one got cracked in transit (bonus points for anyone who can identify said cracked piece). The other half of my gear is making the journey with me....fingers crossed...

for those who are in milan and would like to come and visit, you can find me at
as part of the Hidden heroes exhibit from the 22nd to the 27th April.

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