Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Design Dispensary cardboard interior...

So we are finally back from Melbourne where i collaborated on a cardboard interior with mr. Toby Horrocks in the Design Dispensary... photos by Ellen Dewar.

Monday, July 19, 2010

forgotten Milan photos...

I realised today that because of all the volcano shenanigans earlier in the year, I forgot to post my Milan pics. So, here are a few that i like :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010


The first day of out at the fiera was equal parts fun and dull :)

The B-line stand looks great and it was nice to see SPLASH for the first time at last!

I always find it interesting that the colour choices that the italians make for their products are always a little outside what i expect.

It was a pleaseure to also finally meet the other new designers that B-line selected this year, Stefan Bench and Neuland Industriedesign.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Milan 2010...

ok, the time has come to walk the walk and drink the drink at the Milan fair.

As i am here a day before the proper start of proceedings, today is a bit of an unknown quantity. I only have a vague idea about what the hell today will be...and i think i like it :)

Tomorrow will be the day when the fun and games begin out at the Fiera and SPLASH will be presented to the world. For those in the neighbourhood, stop by Pav. 8 Stand 36 and check out SPLASH alongside the other new offerings from B-line.

...and until tomorrow, when there will be more to show and tell, don't do anything i would't do...oh alright, you can do that too...

Friday, March 26, 2010


B-Line have just announced Splash as part of their 2010 range of products...woohoo!
Splash is the new name for my Anemone concept stool that has been floating around.
You can see Splash for the first time at Milan 2010(come past the B-line stand and say hello...)

Australian Financial Review...

It seems that the mainstream-ish media like the new coat rack...yay!

The new Polka Panel coat rack has been previewed in the Australian Financial Review magazine (out today, Friday 26th March) and blimey, the've filled the whole freaking page with it...sweet!

Polka features movable hanging pins that snap into place thanks to magical magnetic machinations.

There are an extremely limited number available for sale, and they are so limited that they're not even on the Autumn website yet. Get in quick if you want one from the first run.

send an email to for more info...