Friday, March 26, 2010

Australian Financial Review...

It seems that the mainstream-ish media like the new coat rack...yay!

The new Polka Panel coat rack has been previewed in the Australian Financial Review magazine (out today, Friday 26th March) and blimey, the've filled the whole freaking page with it...sweet!

Polka features movable hanging pins that snap into place thanks to magical magnetic machinations.

There are an extremely limited number available for sale, and they are so limited that they're not even on the Autumn website yet. Get in quick if you want one from the first run.

send an email to for more info...


  1. Love that Polka, now I just can't wait until we can use it!! Roll on hats, scarfs and jackets winter!

  2. hell yeah...its so damn un-wintery at the moment...